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What is your landscape problem?

How can I help you?

Garden Consultation

Do you ever walk your property and wish you could ask someone for advice?  What should I plant here?  How can I make this area look more beautiful?  What is going on with that tree?  What the heck is that - a weed?  Well, I can be that someone.  You bring your questions and I will share with you all my experience and education to help you solve your landscape issues.

Edible Garden Design

Do you want to grow your own vegetables?  How about some berries or fruits?  Be it just a few tomato plants or a large vegetable garden or orchard design, I can help you get started.  Take it from me, nothing compares to the satisfaction of growing your own food.   

Full-Color Design

Perhaps you have an area of your property you would like to renovate and are not sure what to do.  Whatever the size, I will create a customized, full-color landscape design plan for you including hardscape and plant details.  The design will be yours to keep so you can do the work yourself or hire a landscaper for the project.  

Project Manager

If after receiving a landscape design from me you want to proceed, but don't want to deal with the coordination and inevitable complications, I can be your project manager.  From start to finish, I will insure that the landscaper executes your vision efficiently, accurately and within your budget.  

Backyard Chickens

Are you interested in getting chickens?  Not sure where to begin?  I can help you choose a coop and chicken breeds and teach you how to care for your feathery friends.  Fresh eggs right out your back door - there's nothing better!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me by  filling out the form below or giving me a call at 973-507-6983.

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